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Artifact Collections

The artifact collections at the Barack Obama Presidential Library consist of more than 35,000 objects. The collections encompass works of fine art, cultural artifacts, books, clothing, domestic furnishings, sporting equipment, and other materials that represent the era and accomplishments of the Obama Administration. These materials were predominantly gifted to President and Mrs. Obama by Foreign Heads of State and private citizens. These items are preserved, documented, and interpreted for research and exhibition at our curatorial storage facility.

In the Highlights Gallery below, you may view highlights from our collections, including gifts from world leaders and charming and whimsical items handmade by private citizens.

Research Questions

Please view the Research page for more detailed information on conducting research and research inquiries. Loan requests and donations related to the library’s artifact holdings may be submitted via email using the address provided below in Contact Us.

Loan Requests

Our curatorial facility is not open to the public. However, we have an active outgoing loan program. Loan requests should be submitted via email. Before you submit a request for artifacts you would like to request for loan for exhibition purposes, we encourage you to read the National Archives guidance for Borrowing NARA Holdings for Exhibition

Donate to the Collection

The Barack Obama Presidential Library actively accepts selected donations for its artifact collections. However, all donations are carefully reviewed by the artifact and library staff before being accepted into the collection. If you are interested in donating to our collection, please email us and provide as much detailed information as possible, including photographs and a statement explaining the relevance to President Barack Obama. (Because unsolicited donations may be returned or disposed of without notice, we ask potential donors to contact us before sending any items to the Library.)

Contact Us

For general inquiries, loan requests, and offers to donate, please email with “Artifact Collection,” in the subject line. When submitting a request, please include your contact information and as much detail as possible, such as dates and photographs of relevant objects and documents, so we may best address your inquiry. The artifact staff evaluates requests and replies within ten business days.

We invite you to explore highlights from the Barack Obama Presidential Library's artifact collection. We hope you enjoy the virtual tour of specially curated artifacts.